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To achieve sustainable best practices in agility training, certification is crucial. We want to ensure the success of your agile transformation by customizing your learning path to address your specific challenges. The implementation of successful Agile practices requires focus on your organization’s goals and may take time. Therefore, we collaborate with our clients to identify what works best for them.

Enterprise Agility offers a wide range of training and certification programs, including Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), Flow Framework, ICAgile,, PMI-ACP test preparation, and Technology Business Management. These diverse approaches enable us to adapt to your unique requirements, enabling us to be responsive and flexible.

Our organization is the only SAFe Gold SPCT partner in the world, and we are authorized to provide TBM and Flow Framework certifications. This unique positioning makes us the ideal partner to assist in driving transformation across a variety of capacities. Our team has extensive experience working in various industries.

If you require additional information, please share your needs, and we will be pleased to assist you!

We offer the flexibility of conducting our training sessions either remotely with a live instructor or in-person. In addition to providing training services, we have expertise in assisting Corporate Universities in designing comprehensive training and certification programs, as well as developing online training courses that are LMS-based.


To be successful in any transformation your organization will need trained change leaders.

To attain a high degree of success, consider leveraging the expertise of experienced transformation change agents from Enterprise Agility, who can act as thought and practice leaders in your organizational change management (OCM) strategy.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFE)

Enterprise Agility, as a SAFe Gold SPCT Partner, provides a comprehensive range of Scaled Agile Framework classes, including Implementing SAFe. Achieving the Gold SPCT level of partnership indicates the exceptional level of experience and proficiency our consultants possess in leading SAFe implementations within large organizations. Scaled Agile Inc. validates only SAFe SPCT Gold Partners, and we have been assisting companies and government agencies in implementing SAFe successfully since 2013. We possess the necessary expertise to support leaders in driving Agile transformations, selecting suitable training partners, and serving as your companion throughout this intricate journey.

ICAgile Training

As a training provider and partner of ICAgile, we offer a diverse array of Agile training programs that are not bound to any particular framework. If you are interested in broadening your perspective, obtaining certification, and not bound to any prescriptive framework, ICAgile classes are suitable for you. Enterprise Agility offers ICAgile training from across all ICAgile tracks:

  • Agile Team Facilitation
  • Business Agility
  • Agile Coaching

Flow Framework

Enterprise Agility serves as an implementation partner of the Flow Framework, and we possess the necessary experience to assist large enterprises in streamlining their value organization, integrating the DevSecOps toolchain, and providing actionable metrics. The Flow Framework bridges the gap between technologists and business stakeholders, and it provides a systematic methodology and vocabulary to eliminate bottlenecks that impede software delivery, ultimately affecting business outcomes. The Flow Framework, inspired by Dr. Mik Kersten’s book, Project to Product, helps leaders transition from a project-centric perspective to a product-oriented organization that realizes more value and responds promptly to market changes. The Flow Framework is a structured and prescriptive approach to Value Stream Management for software, product delivery, and business. It helps identify how work is flowing in your product value streams and where bottlenecks exist, enabling you to determine how to address them. Additionally, it empowers leaders with non-technical and non-Agile language to communicate with business stakeholders, prioritize tasks and measure outcomes.

Enterprise Agility provides the following following Flow Framework trainings:

  • Introduction to the Flow Framework – 4 hours
  • Implementing Flow Framework Workshop – 2 days

Business Agility

As leaders face mounting pressure to deliver high-quality products within tight timelines, it has become necessary to embark on a comprehensive transformation journey towards true Enterprise Business Agility℠ (EBA). This journey necessitates an overall transformation strategy that integrates various elements, such as lean portfolio management, organizational value stream design, lean product development, leadership and culture, measurement, DevOps, and more. The Enterprise Business Agility℠ Model offers guidance on how to successfully lead an enterprise business agility transformation, relying on seven key pillars.

The definition of business agility is “the ability to adapt and change, learn and pivot, deliver at speed, and thrive in a competitive market.”
– Sally Elatta & Evan Leybourn

As an AgilityHealth Partner, Enterprise Agility provides the full range of Business Agility classes and jump starts, including:

  • EBA Overview for Leaders
  • Enterprise Business Agility Foundations
  • Enterprise Business Agility Strategist Certification Course
  • Measurement & Strategy Jump Start
  • Lean Portfolio Management Jump Start
  • Team Structure & Design Jump Start
  • Agile Framework & Mindset Jump Start
  • Leadership Agility Jump Start
  • Make it Stick Jump Start

Technology Business Management

Technology Business Management (TBM) aims to enhance the collaboration between business, finance, and IT for optimizing the delivery of value and return on investment. The ultimate objective of digital transformation is to enable enterprises to keep up with the market pace, capitalize on emerging technologies, drive innovation, and respond to unexpected events and opportunities. Nonetheless, achieving collaboration between business and IT necessitates transparency into the actual costs and returns, and informed decisions on technology investment costs. It’s crucial for business leaders to oversee spending, consumption, and performance.

Enterprise Agility is actively participating in the TBM Council’s Agile Working group and can offer distinctive guidance on implementing TBM and Agile at scale simultaneously through the TBM Executive Foundations course.

Authorized PMI Education Provider

Enterprise Agility has a longstanding history with the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) program, having contributed to the development of the original exam and serving as a reliable training provider since 2011. Our accelerated learning course is a 3-day program that is tailored to help participants prepare for the PMI-ACP® Agile Certified Practitioner exam, featuring experienced instructors with practical knowledge in Agile delivery. The course employs interactive tools such as games, exercises, and case studies to reinforce comprehension of essential concepts, and it includes the PMI-ACP® Exam Prep System, including PM FASTrack® Exam Simulation Software, as part of the comprehensive course materials.

Technical and Custom Training

We offer a verity of hands-on technical training including:

  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
  • Pair Programming
  • Microsoft DevOps training and certification

Whatever your Agile or technical agility needs, Enterprise Agility can provide it.

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